Decrees [noun]

Definition of Decrees:

mandate, legal order

Synonyms of Decrees:

Opposite/Antonyms of Decrees:

Sentence/Example of Decrees:

But when frightened he could be cruelty itself, as is shown in his terrible decrees against the Spanish guerillas.

Upon these do we place ourselves, as immovably fixed as the decrees of the living God.

The decrees of his providence affect his intelligent and moral creatures not less than those that know not to resolve.

Meantime, news of these transactions arrived at Rio, as well as notice of the decrees of the Cortes at Lisbon.

From this time Christianity was exposed to outbursts of heathen rage, and express decrees were published against it.

Let us humble ourselves to the decrees of that Providence which has permitted so astonishing an oblivion.

With him prayer was a thing of absolute necessity, and resignation to the eternal decrees the primum mobile of all.

Resign yourselves to the order of destiny, which decrees that you, like all other beings, should not endure forever.

They resented most of all one of his decrees which made it unlawful for persons not in his service to carry arms in time of peace.

They issued their own decrees without his authority, and sometimes cancelled his orders without consulting him.