Definitively [adverb]

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It’s too early for a definitive evaluation of what happened, because exit polls are no more reliable than pre-election polls.

There was no definitive discussion that I’m aware of on what was going to be left.

In a highly polarized era, most elections are going to be close — close enough as to exceed the ability of polls to provide you with a definitive answer.

Both will still require more data to get a definitive answer, but for now, I think this is really good news.

She and a helper lowered down with cords more than 1,000 of the most valuable pressed plants from an upper floor, including the definitive specimen of Franciscan manzanita.

It’s an occasion so definitive in the minds of some Americans that some, in years past, have taken to throwing parties in anticipation of celebrating the declared victor that evening.

For many of the issues we’re trying to measure, there is no definitive data source and no standardized way of reporting, which means you have to use proxies or estimates, to piece together the best possible analysis.

The most difficult part of parenting is that we never really get a definitive answer as to whether what we’re doing is working, if we’re successfully straddling the line between risk and responsibility.

It might be argued that it’s too soon to recommend less screen time, given that the research isn’t completely definitive.

Bond says the images captured of the likely piscean culprit are too poor to make a definitive identification.