Decelerated [verb]

Definition of Decelerated:

slow down

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Opposite/Antonyms of Decelerated:

Sentence/Example of Decelerated:

Arcot accelerated toward the planet for two hours, then began to decelerate.

If anything of the right size shows up, decelerate until we can get mass and albedo measurements.

Every so often comes the impression we are falling head-first; the colonel using ship's drive to decelerate the whole system.

Its motor is designed to decelerate that mass by 1,075 mph in order to allow it to assume a descending orbit.

They went in fast, using her gravity to help them curve into a forced orbit as they strained to decelerate.

This would decelerate the craft to a point where it would drop from orbit and begin a descent.

Copeland worked the jury-rigged controls of the jet, continuing to decelerate.

"We'll start to decelerate in about ten minutes," O'Brine said.

They could decelerate it at a rate of fifteen gravities or more.