Soared [verb]

Definition of Soared:

climb, fly

Synonyms of Soared:

Opposite/Antonyms of Soared:

Sentence/Example of Soared:

His reputation has soared in proportion to the duration of her absence.

And, without pausing for a reply, he spread his wings, and soared away.

Leaving the warm glow of his camp-fire, he soared upward into the violet night.

It soared aloft so easily that I imagined our luck was changing.

It rose, feebly at first, then soared away over the tops of the houses.

For a moment they swam the surface, then, light as a bird, the "Gray Gull" soared.

In their visionary leaps to affluence they soared to giddy heights.

The Voice rose and sank and soared again, drawing nearer and nearer.

Beyond them soared the windmills and the hills of Isledon and Hoxton.

He soared above her skywards until he was a mere speck in the blue.