Dunderheads [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dunderheads:

But I loves a fool; an youre the biggest dunderhead I ever knowed.

He who would convince the worthy Mr. Dunderhead of any truth which Dunderhead does not see, must be a master of his art.

Then, arising, she donned her best frock and neatest cap, and proceeded to the Castle Dunderhead.

That same afternoon the proclamation was issued, and Catherine carried a large gray goose to Castle Dunderhead.

Tom, you dunderhead—what do you mean by making an ass of yourself this way?

"I'll have that dunderhead's shoulder-straps off inside of a fortnight," he muttered between his teeth.

Is there no ass-eared old periwig, no dunderhead forthcoming, to restore the concern to its former disabled condition?

Well, if ever there was a dunderhead in this world it's me, it sure is.

The maltman's dunderhead son passed it about the ale-house that night.

Look at me, Sariette, old boy, and tell me if I look like a dunderhead.