Kinder [adjective]

Definition of Kinder:

generous, good

Opposite/Antonyms of Kinder:

Sentence/Example of Kinder:

Mr. Bills kinder wilted after you all went out, and the whole thing flatted.

It is better for animals to be where the jungle is, for the jungle is sweeter and kinder than that wilderness of stones—the city.

The kinder, more patient and attentive you are, the more of your bars I will remove, so that in some months—who knows how soon?

There was one among the guards of the prison, a young man, who was always kinder in his deportment to us than any of the others.

She warn't ever the same after that; she never complained, but she kinder pined away and did not live long.

A kinder man to the soldiers, or one who looked more to their rights, never lived, and no "but" need be added to this praise.

If my father is strict and stern sometimes, he's ever so much better and kinder than Grandpa Dinsmore.

I never see anybody quite so tickled as mother was; an' father he kinder laughed.

The faces left on the platform at Los Angeles began to look kinder and more attractive.

Then them geysers blowed up, one arter the next, an' I heard somethin' kinder cave in between here an' China.