Lurks [verb]

Definition of Lurks:

hide; move stealthily

Synonyms of Lurks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lurks:

Sentence/Example of Lurks:

Night is the time that the Devil has his fling, and evil lurks behind everything that is beautiful and enchanting.

Behind each of those tiny garret windows lurks life—life in its most elemental costume.

The beauty of the tropics is marred somewhat for me; under all the fresh splendor of color death lurks in brilliant tints.

It has come into that peril which no great truth escapes—the danger that lurks in the house of its friends.

He felt better, and glad to have understood, to have detected himself, to have unmasked the other which lurks in us.

At the bottom of all he says about his foolhardiness in Dalmatia there lurks a proud self-satisfaction.

Superstition lurks amongst the mountains and in the corners of the earth.

Nearer the parapet there lurks a way to the kitchen, masked by a little trellis porch.

To be sure, behind the thought lurks the afterthought: suppose, after all, the World is right and we are less than men?

The words seemed to appeal to the contrary-mindedness that lurks in such natures as Adeline's.