Pilfered [verb]

Definition of Pilfered:

steal, embezzle

Synonyms of Pilfered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pilfered:

Sentence/Example of Pilfered:

Listen to him, and there never was a man so traded on,—so robbed and pilfered from.

With their usual frankness they quite admitted that I might have pilfered the shilling.

For if I had read yours first you might have said that I had pilfered from you.

“I thought some one had pilfered something,” she said with an attempt at a laugh.

He also had his own lawyer, to see that he was pilfered according to rule.

The houses of the people had been pilfered of all valuables and then torn down or burned.

Alone, one of these notorious characters is said to have pilfered to the extent of $60,000.

Every week she pilfered a few pennies from her own small income and put them away.

He wanted no more poachers on the land he himself had pilfered.

She was not dealing with a parcel of naughty children who had pilfered the cake jar!