Upbraids [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Upbraids:

The stranger at once began to upbraid Powell for being impolite.

Upbraid me with the loss of all of which you have bereft me.

But conscience has not to upbraid me with any of these things.

At this, the Leaflanders only paused long enough to upbraid the young woman.

None confers a benefit so gladly, none is so slow to upbraid.

She did not like to upbraid or trouble any one on account of an appetite which was so noteworthy.

He spoke almost with apology, but the leader did not upbraid him.

You are young now; some day your conscience may upbraid you.

Applerod, who had been the first to upbraid him, was now the first to recover his spirits.

But why, let me ask, have you sought me here, to upbraid me for my inconstancy?