Harangued [noun]

Definition of Harangued:

long lecture

Synonyms of Harangued:

Opposite/Antonyms of Harangued:


Sentence/Example of Harangued:

Il avoit sa belle robe soubs soy (car c'estoit en est), et se preparoit sa harangue funebre.

La harangue devoit finir en l'adieu et comploration commune de tous.

Voyez l'efficace du sacrement: le lendemain matin, il mande M. de Biancourt et moy, et de nouveau il recommence sa harangue.

There now is Sullivan, in a long harangue, following you in a determined opposition to our petition to the King.

In defiance of all decency, he went to Westminster Hall, demanded a hearing, and pronounced a harangue against standing armies.

My father gently explained that we had done it in ignorance, but his explanation was cut short by a harangue loud and long.

Miss Anne was gazing at the children with an expression that turned Hale's eyes that way, and the Professor checked his harangue.

As soon as he ceased speaking, Beckford made a harangue to which the king returned no answer.

All these words, and others equally wise, had no more effect than an official harangue.

I decided to harangue the chiefs, and as a preliminary I gave them the universal sign to sit down and parley.