Derides [verb]

Definition of Derides:

make fun of; insult

Synonyms of Derides:

Opposite/Antonyms of Derides:

Sentence/Example of Derides:

Medicine may, perhaps, fulfil her promise of giving us a few more years, but habit derides her by making each year a scanty gift.

All this persiflage, in harmony with the polemics of the Gorgias, derides and degrades the Rhetors collectively.

It is the same cosmic Intelligence that derides the period during which the form shall remain in a state of activity in the world.

For one learns sooner, and more willingly remembers, that which a man derides, than that which he approves and venerates.

As a rule, the hired girl and the hired man are not good friends: he derides her, and she scorns him.

Surely I have seen a god whose deathless knowledge derides the solemn gods, behind the curtain.

Further, the religious philosophy of Modernism is bad, much worse than the scholasticism which it derides.

I am only aware of one author who derides the statement that this porous clay was eaten by the Spanish women.

It gently derides the stagey incidents and emotional heroics of the old style of school story.

In brief, it foolishly derides the universal, saying that it chooses to consider the particular as more important.