Disagrees [verb]

Definition of Disagrees:

be different

Synonyms of Disagrees:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disagrees:

Sentence/Example of Disagrees:

Plum-pudding never disagrees with me, however much I take of it.

Aaron ben Elijah enumerates six views on the nature of evil, with all of which except the last he disagrees.

Take all the morphia (or other forms of opium if that disagrees) you want, and don't be afraid of becoming an opium-drunkard.

He is a measure to himself when he agrees with others, as much as when he disagrees with them.

It is a succulent vegetable with a high flavor; in fact, its flavor is so strong that in many cases it disagrees with persons.

They have a strong flavor, which is disliked by many persons and disagrees with some.

He disagrees with me in many things; but in the one thing, that the air is free for all, we do agree.

"It—it disagrees with me," she said, tears in her voice and in her anxious, appealing eyes.

When Abdul Hamid becomes reconciled to anybody who disagrees with him, the latter is always dead.

No man disagrees more utterly than I do with the latter part of this language.