Dislikes [noun]

Definition of Dislikes:

antagonism, hatred toward something

Opposite/Antonyms of Dislikes:

Sentence/Example of Dislikes:

I—I begin to understand why he dislikes that miller and his money business, for he makes you disagree so.

This work should be suited to the years and the strength of the individual and, if possible, to his likes and dislikes.

If your God dislikes idolatry, why does He not destroy the idols and so put temptation out of the way?

He had ceased to think of the simpler things of life, of the ordinary problems, the usual worries or likes and dislikes.

When one particularly dislikes a person, one has a curious objection to seeming in good spirits in his presence.

In other words, she devotes a good deal of time and discussion to a gentleman whom she heartily dislikes.

Biddy had a pause, after which she dropped: "Julia will be glad—she dislikes him so."

If she dislikes him why should she be glad he's so enviably placed?

Samuel was very close to him, knew his likes and dislikes, his prejudices, weaknesses and many strengths.

But if there is one thing a farmer dislikes more than another it is meddling and interfering with other persons' business.