Fringes [noun]

Definition of Fringes:

border, trimming

Synonyms of Fringes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fringes:

Sentence/Example of Fringes:

If the ocean had only half its existing area, the lands would be so wide that only their fringes would be fertile.

He left the guards at the fringes of his engineers' forest and rode the eight-legged reptile recklessly among the huge trunks.

Earlier, Davy had asked Paul Curtis to find if his voice was reaching the remote fringes of the audience.

Set up everywhere are coloured umbrellas with fringes of coloured beads, as large as those used for tents on lawns sometimes.

All about were stumps and fringes of pines, which the lumbermen, for some good reason, had passed by.

The meadow and the nearest fringes of the woods were range enough for her.

The men wear apparently a close-fitting coat of mail over a chiton, which reaches with its fringes half down the thigh.

For example, dwelling in booths, wearing fringes, and shaking the palm branch.

Very hairy, with hair overlaid in fringes curiously soft and glistening.

Being an orthodox Jew, he naturally wore a long, black levitical coat which concealed his swinging woollen fringes.