Masklike [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Masklike:

Praed's thin, sun-blackened countenance was immovable, masklike.

A spasm distorted the masklike features, but in a moment it was gone.

His masklike face relaxed, and he stroked his black moustaches, and took a long pull of his cigar.

Gradenigo, one hand on the door, turned slowly backward a masklike face.

He glanced at Monck with the words, almost as if seeking sympathy; but Monck's face was masklike in its unresponsiveness.

Her face was masklike, but there was the same look of haggardness about her eyes as there was in her husband's face.

She saw her father when he stepped from the buggy, and understood what he carried behind his masklike face.

She looked from Bendy to Don, but they seemed to consider discretion and masklike faces the better part of candor.

At last, he spoke slowly, forcing his words and holding his features in masklike rigidity of control.

So life here too far retired, too deeply sunk to struggle back and vitalise again that hue, those lips, that masklike effigy.