Internalized [verb]

Definition of Internalized:

incorporate within one's self

Synonyms of Internalized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Internalized:


Sentence/Example of Internalized:

Closed-book exams could be used to test whether students have internalized this basic knowledge.

Every investor interviewed for this piece stressed that the technologies have matured, the market is now ripe for these companies, and the hard-won lessons from the last bust have been internalized.

But, she said, “I’ve always had this notion my nails always had to be done, or I wasn’t professional,” adding, “Maybe it’s a weird internalized sexism thing.”

Rory Gilmore is the girl who internalized at a very young age the ideas that she wasn’t enough for her father to stick around for and that she was the reason her mother’s life went off the rails.

Brands have internalized the need to prepared to turn on a dime, and have learned that’s an asset even in more predictable times.

However, this can still be a way of internalizing accenticism, which is defined as a form of linguistic discrimination, without realizing it.

It was difficult to internalize in an environment both objective and external.