Unsportsmanlike [adjective]

Definition of Unsportsmanlike:


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Sentence/Example of Unsportsmanlike:

The first was unsportsmanlike, the second was very likely to be dangerous.

It is the game to hit the ball, and it is unsportsmanlike to try to miss it.

Thought you said it was unsportsmanlike to kill a partridge sitting?

Terry fumed inwardly at the unsportsmanlike action of her enemy.

Trevor called it an “unsportsmanlike way of bagging their game.”

They have a vague feeling that such action is "unsportsmanlike."

Because it would be an unsportsmanlike and a cowardly trick.

It is unsportsmanlike, and that means that it is ungentlemanly, cowardly, and indecent.

It is unsportsmanlike and unprofessional to attack the flanks.

To keep on shooting at a folly after it is dead is unsportsmanlike.