Mooed [verb]

Definition of Mooed:

call out, yell

Synonyms of Mooed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mooed:

Sentence/Example of Mooed:

The calf ran to meet her but the mother just stood in the water and mooed.

But Wonderful-young-cow-that-never-was only mooed and when she mooed she always smiled.

"One moment, gentlemen," mooed the Ooley-cow, pounding on the table.

"A fat cow, and it mooed," he stuffed the pillow into a more comfortable position.

Persistently a sacred cow of India, tethered in a recess of the fence where herbage sprouted, mooed for an absent mate.

She stamped the ground with her foot and mooed again, this time very loud.

Of course, she was very proud of her calf, and mooed solicitously when we approached to examine it.

I stood in the road, looking at the fluffy, dark-red young cattle that mooed and seemed to bark at me.

Her polled, brindled mother ran in ungainly fashion to the fence and mooed with great carrying power.