Competes [verb]

Definition of Competes:

go up against in contest

Opposite/Antonyms of Competes:

Sentence/Example of Competes:

He designed it entirely himself; he had not to compete for the building of it, but had carte blanche in regard to every detail.

It has no established reputation in this country, and on account of the high duties can not compete with our domestic tobaccos.

The hero of the adventure does not compete with any number of knights, but is each day confronted with a chosen champion.

All the women who compete for these - 77 - prizes will be assembled on the grand staircase before the orchestra.

Only three remained to compete now for the prize, the others having given up.

It was alleged that the British farmers could not compete with the foreign grower without protection.

This would enable the Bank of England to know the extent of issue with which it would have to compete.

The Englishman likes to compete in feats of strength and takes to deck sports as a duck takes to water.

There is not a college in the country, not even Harvard, that could compete upon such terms.

The Mexican products cannot, however, compete with the Cuban brands in favour as yet.