Foundations [noun]

Definition of Foundations:

basis for something physical or mental

Synonyms of Foundations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Foundations:

Sentence/Example of Foundations:

He hardly recognised himself, for, the foundations being shaken, all that was built upon them trembled too.

Those soaring columns held up the very sky, and their foundations made the earth itself swing true.

Society in Rome has been stirred to its foundations, for both the parties were well known.

The Ganges here and there undermines the foundations, and palaces and temples sink into the soft earth or fall entirely down.

Scattergood Baines was not a man to shingle his roof before he built his foundations.

The foundations of walls enclosing about 50 acres are known to have existed a century and a half ago.

The old shanties are down, and the contractor had a sort of tent erected and has done some work on the foundations.

The river like a liquid ax is continually cutting away the foundations of the city.

As we went on our way, a mouse ran out of a hole in the foundations of a house in front of us.

The anchor ties are connected to girders embedded in large concrete blocks in the foundations of the approach viaducts.