Deprives [verb]

Definition of Deprives:

keep or take away something wanted, needed

Synonyms of Deprives:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deprives:

Sentence/Example of Deprives:

Thus the rapacity of Capital defeats itself, and actually impoverishes its owners when it deprives Labor of a fair reward.

If your state of health deprives you of appetite, it is bad enough for you to decline the invitation to dine out.

That man displeases me who by my knowledge of his habits and behaviour deprives me of such liberty and freedom.

When Morris talks of a house that has been “gammoned,” he deprives a large number of readers of his meaning.

He deprives himself of many things really necessary to his position in order to help his family.

The day that sees a man a slave, deprives him of half his worth.

When God would punish a land, he deprives its rulers of wisdom.

No, sir: the reverse is the case: he refuses to teach me, and deprives me of my books, so that I cannot teach myself.

The taking of the automobile by the departing pastor deprives the community of its use.

He who seeks to divorce toil from knowledge deprives knowledge of its most valuable property.