Distingue [adjective]

Definition of Distingue:

important; famous

Opposite/Antonyms of Distingue:

Sentence/Example of Distingue:

If she is so distingue in rather less than ordinary dress, what would she be in a Parisian costume?

Ayant flair, il distingue hardiment entre un opportuniste et un radical.

Recevez en attendant l'expression de ces sentiments, avec l'assurance de la considration le plus distingue.

What Huysmans called the maigreur distingue of youth is a characteristic of this church.

He was so distingue, carried himself so loftily, and yet was so gallantly condescending, and so inimitably fascinating.

The toilette superbe requires only cost—a toilette distingue demands care.

There was a distingue air about Sir Oswald, an old-fashioned courtly dignity, which never for one moment left him.

Faire le bien, connatre le vrai, voil ce qui distingue un homme dun autre; le reste nest rien.

So much for the nuptials of Hortense and Charley; they were, as one paper pronounced them, "up to date and distingue."

Beaumarchais said wittily, "Boire sans soif et faire l'amour en tout temps, c'est ce que distingue l'homme de la bte."