Dulling [verb]

Definition of Dulling:

lessen, grow or cause to grow less

Synonyms of Dulling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dulling:

Sentence/Example of Dulling:

When we did these exercises in person, our room would be full of energy and excitement, but when I’d drop into online conversations, they were typically more dull and distracted.

If there are noticeable signs of wear, such as missing chunks or a dull tip, that’s a sign the sponge should be thrown out.

On the other hand, a simpler game with fewer pieces and rules may be easy to explain, but too dull to warrant repeating often, especially if it’s based on competitive rounds.

This homogenization has also affected our habits as travelers and somewhat dulled our sense of curiosity.

Telling people that their suffering would be useful triggered the production of the body’s own version of opioids and cannabinoids to dull the pain.

Exercise is a powerful analgesic, dulling the sensation of whatever pain you may be experiencing.

As the final credits rolled on “Twin Mirror,” I was baffled, having witnessed five hours of an uneven, dull mystery that never finds its footing.

I should merely be dulling your appetite, without satisfying your hunger.

At the instant came a vast grumbling, like underground 136 thunder, not loud apparently, yet dulling all other sounds.

I suppose it is almost impossible for us to appreciate the effect of sin in clouding vision and dulling sympathy.