Springing [verb]

Definition of Springing:

jump, skip

Synonyms of Springing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Springing:



Sentence/Example of Springing:

Springing forward, she would have clasped her in a close embrace.

"Then give me a baton," she responded, springing to her feet.

"That's not bad, Renny," cried Yates, springing to his feet.

"With the utmost pleasure," cried Yates, springing to his feet.

"Yes," answered Yates, springing over the fence and approaching her.

Springing to the floor, I flung out of the house and went down to the stream.

"There he is," cried Sami, springing up from the ground with delight.

Siegmund saw it, and, springing forward, he grasped its hilt.

Then, springing again to her saddle, she fled toward the mountains.

And springing up, he ran to the bowsprit and began to swarm along it.