Devotedly [adjective]

Definition of Devotedly:

wildly, fiercely

Opposite/Antonyms of Devotedly:

Sentence/Example of Devotedly:

Each day was devoted to one of the multiple different patients in Paul’s life.

He was a devoted student of history and liked to travel to historical sites, his family and friends said.

As a devoted runner for many years, I’m finding it more valuable than ever during the pandemic.

Our upcoming magazine issue is devoted to long-term problems.

Then some more on Tuesday, then Wednesday is really devoted to it.

The natives are partial to the plant, and devotedly attached to smoking.

The old manservant was the selfsame man who had so devotedly served the previous tenant.

In her last place she worked for an old lady whom she tended devotedly, but who died leaving her nothing.

He was the only white boy there, and he took a great liking to me, and we loved each devotedly.

Yamba, too, was terribly grieved at his death, for she had become most devotedly attached to him and he to her.