Repealed [verb]

Definition of Repealed:

declare null and void

Synonyms of Repealed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Repealed:

Sentence/Example of Repealed:

It never will be repealed, and it never ought to be repealed.

The Act failed on account of its severity, and was repealed in 1549.

All statutes, ordinances and other enactments of capitalist government are repealed.

The law forbidding the keeping of Christmas Day had to be repealed in 1681.

Might not the courts adjudge that the decrees had not been repealed pro forma?

But, of these acts, "so much only" as affected the See of Rome was repealed.

The resolution passed at the March meeting of the society was at once repealed.

This Act was, however, repealed before the end of the same year.

For no decree of a King of Oas may be repealed, but is law forevermore.

This was repealed by the members of the next elected Assembly.