Deprecated [verb]

Definition of Deprecated:

belittle, condemn

Opposite/Antonyms of Deprecated:

Sentence/Example of Deprecated:

Much like old technology gets obsolete and deprecated, in time, innovative experiences also tend to become ordinary, and most likely fail to go beyond expectations.

In July, Google announced it would deprecate the Structured Data testing tool after it released the Rich Results Test tool out of beta.

So I don’t need to disarm them by being miserable or self-deprecating.

Also, Google decided to deprecate and later fully shutter their PageRank API endpoints.

Ever since Google’s toolbar PageRank has been deprecated, marketers have no reliable ways to automatically tell a good link from a bad link.

Ministers deprecated the motion as tending to embarrass the administration, and defeat the very end for which it was proposed.

Much as starving is to be deprecated, the prejudicial effects of repletion are still greater.

Yet he did not lose his self-control; but deprecated this popular impulse and this show of dignity.

He knew it was addressed to Allen, and that it deprecated war, and that it was mocking.

I remember that he deprecated revenge, although the score was heavy enough!