Diagnosed [verb]

Definition of Diagnosed:

identify problem, disease

Synonyms of Diagnosed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diagnosed:

Sentence/Example of Diagnosed:

An anonymous source familiar with the trial told The New York Times that one participant in a UK-based trial had been diagnosed with transverse myelitis, an inflammatory condition of the spinal cord that’s often triggered by viral infections.

They diagnosed us, but we are not sure that it has left us yet.

This figure is distinct from the mortality rate, since many cases are never diagnosed.

In one case in November, cited by several game makers, Apple’s servers went down for more than a day without any notification to developers, undermining their efforts to diagnose the issue.

Such antigen tests are similar to ones used in doctors’ offices and pharmacies to diagnose people with influenza.

“We’ve been able to diagnose many pets from a video that just bark a little bit right when their owners have left, and then they just do not settle,” says Margaret Gruen, a professor of behavioral medicine at NC State University’s vet school.

A few others had been trained to help doctors diagnose disease.

Guadalupe Hayes-Mota ’08, MBA ’16, SM ’16, was diagnosed with hemophilia at birth.

I’m not a medical doctor and therefore not able to formally diagnose conditions, but I saw people losing consciousness and not helped in time.

In the language of medicine, there is not a single reliable biomarker that can be used to help diagnose any psychiatric condition.