Disallowed [verb]

Definition of Disallowed:

reject, prohibit

Synonyms of Disallowed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disallowed:

Sentence/Example of Disallowed:

An auditor in 1883 disallowed sums spent on toys for sick children, and Mr. Hibbert was questioned in Parliament.

Macquarie promptly disallowed this interference with his authority.

Such the determinations in all but two cases; and those the earliest, and disallowed by the subsequent decisions.

A Massachusetts act of 1692 punishing piracy with death had been disallowed by the crown.

Though one law allowed it, another law disallowed it, and the latter law was at least as powerful as the former.

From the theory of its constitution, intermarriage would be disallowed.

On the advice of the governors of the post office, the Massachusetts act was disallowed.

One ordinance after another for this purpose was disallowed, until every planter was in despair.

The acts were disallowed by the crown in 1759, and the ministers attempted to recover their losses.

His exclusive claims are disallowed or ignored, and this not by accident, but of set purpose.