Smartest [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Smartest:

You're a good girl and a smart girl—the smartest and best girl there is in this town.

He was the best, smartest and most liked person in his village.

She was one of the smartest women and most successful entertainers in London.

Lacy is the smartest fellow we have, and I think will be sure to find him.

I got the smartest children that ever was and they owe it all to their mother, every bit.

As pretty as a picture, and the smartest girl in her school, Father Fitz says.

The smartest of smart tailor-mades was none too smart for her.

The smartest was the smallest, and to him almost wholly strange.

I tell you right now that he's the smartest fellow that ever come into these parts.

Who'd have thought that the runt was the smartest of the family?