Duplicating [adjective]

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That duplicate pipe San Diego wants to build, which would sit parallel to the one Met uses now, wouldn’t produce any savings for ratepayers until at least 2063 – costing two generations of ratepayers at least $5 billion to build.

Sometimes the duplicate copies persist for many millions of years before being lost, for reasons that Gramzow and Thießen are still investigating.

Reporters had to run the data through multiple computer programs to remove any duplicate records and standardize information that was frequently misspelled.

In response, registrars need to search for duplicate entries that are usually mistakes – someone named Mike is registered in one county, moves and re-registers in another county as Michael, for example.

Shepard said, for example, “We know that we only want one title per page, that the title should be relatively short – 50 to 60 characters – the title should be unique, meaning it shouldn’t be a duplicate of other titles on your site.”

Never, ever, ever submit duplicate content to a website for publication.

Use it to point towards the “main” version of the page among its duplicates.

With this letter is another by the same writer, dated July 30, 1622—a postscript to a duplicate of the preceding letter.

Lessard uttered the command evenly, without a jarring note, his tone almost a duplicate of MacRae's.

The original documents (in duplicate) are drawn up in Spanish and in English respectively.