Streamlining [verb]

Definition of Streamlining:

arrange, organize

Synonyms of Streamlining:

Opposite/Antonyms of Streamlining:

Sentence/Example of Streamlining:

The result was the first American "streamline" design for a shell.

Its purpose was to streamline the commercialization of a farm product, and in this effort it was highly successful.

They had streamline hulls and tails that embodied universal-jointed double fish-tail rudders.

"No wonder they streamline," he muttered as he saw the enormous force it took to drive the gigantic ship through this air.

The French had developed a mortar shell on the streamline principle which was invisible in flight and had twice the range of ours.

The outer port, a thin door that served only to streamline the opening, swung open under Chet's hand.