Deleting [verb]

Definition of Deleting:

erase, remove

Synonyms of Deleting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deleting:

Sentence/Example of Deleting:

Certain dissenters have cut out the very soul of À Kempis in deleting the passages on the Holy Eucharist.

By deleting a hundred million hours we shorten Senator Borah's speeches against the League by 11,410 years.

Typographic errors have been repaired—for example, deleting superfluous letters, fixing omitted or incorrect punctuation.

Sir Edward Grey moved an amendment deleting from the bill the word male, thus leaving room for a women's suffrage amendment.

I also corrected White's translation of the Definition of Attribute by deleting the word "if."

Hackelberg must have sent them there to make sure that he followed through with deleting his data.