Digressions [noun]

Definition of Digressions:

deviation; straying

Synonyms of Digressions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Digressions:

Sentence/Example of Digressions:

Appleton’s digital garden, for example, includes thoughts on plant-based meat, book reviews, and digressions on Javascript and magical capitalism.

Once he permitted himself a digression, that he might point a moral for the benefit of his servant.

But this digression has taken me so far away from Penzance that I may as well close this chapter with it.

Why, true; and a digression is often the cream of an article.

"I am nearly well," returned Sylvia, surprised at the sudden digression.

Having made this digression, I must now carry the reader back to Cocachacra.

This, however, is digression; the incidents may have happened somewhat later.

Without digression in some degree, neither spoken nor written language can be made entertaining to the person addressed.

And having introduced the term, it may not be improper to make a short digression upon this subject.

The above digression will make clear to us the position of Ibn Daud and his relation to Maimonides.