Muscularity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Muscularity:

Of both his muscularity and good-nature I am afraid we often took advantage.

The muscularity, purchased by excessive nutriment, of the Bœotian pugilist.

In the latter case, however, the Muscular should have either Thoracic or Alimentive tendencies combined with his muscularity.

What a wonderful piece of muscularity and good-nature he was, to be sure, as I remember him!

He had no overplus of style about him, but he was reliable, he was sincere, his muscularity was conceded by all.

His hair and brows and lashes were paler than straw, and his long lank figure was without either distinction or muscularity.

Power in painting does not come from muscularity of arm; it comes naturally from the intellect.

But he was wrong, it was a more insidious if not so fatal a disease—it was paralysis, the fell enemy of muscularity.

But muscularity and health are not convertible terms, though many people seem to think they are.

His chest was deep, his arms were gigantic in their muscularity, and no man had ever seen his legs show signs of exhaustion.