Prejudices [noun]

Definition of Prejudices:

belief without basis, information; intolerance

Opposite/Antonyms of Prejudices:

Sentence/Example of Prejudices:

Mr. Paine did not admire Mrs. Davis, and was not likely to be influenced by her prejudices.

He had a dislike to that country, and I grew up in his prejudices.

She had come to believe almost his theory of the future, since it was not repugnant to her prejudices.

He was not the man to defer in that way to the prejudices of others.

Locke, yielding to the prejudices of the time, took the same ground.

For she, too, is a philosopher, and is therefore just as free from prejudices as we are.

Don't take so heavily my mother's partiality and prejudices.

We expected a sweeping revision of our habits, our prejudices, our conventions.

More is as free as Plato from the prejudices of his age, and far more tolerant.

He had, momentarily, forgotten his grandfather and the latter's prejudices.