Reflections [noun]

Definition of Reflections:

thought, thinking

Synonyms of Reflections:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reflections:

Sentence/Example of Reflections:

He sat down, rather discontented, and resumed the current of his reflections.

I cannot bear the reflections that naturally arise from this consideration.

No reflections upon your brother: he has entirely the honour of the family at heart.

All his other women are parts of her or reflections of her, as all his heroes are sides of Hamlet, or reflections of him.

Then she went back to her room and left John Gilman to his own reflections.

These are reflections by which I sometimes endeavour to support myself.

Forgive me, my dear friend, for breaking into my story by these reflections.

All these reflections were pressing upon Mr. Galloway's mind.

But the voice diverted the current of Anthony's reflections, and roused him.

Such were the reflections with which Ormond at first comforted himself.