Arouses [verb]

Definition of Arouses:

excite, entice

Synonyms of Arouses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arouses:

Sentence/Example of Arouses:

Since noticing this peculiarity I have watched them at every feeding, and it is only the corn that arouses them to music.

When one has waited so long, impatience sleeps soundly, arouses with the sluggishness of unbelief itself.

The scene arouses anger in the breast of a nice American with a grey moustache and keen grey eyes, who shares our compartment.

The thought aroused her as a knock on the door arouses a sleeper.

None the less, in most persons, the sight of the former act arouses less disgust than that of the latter.

Moreover, since hoe-culture demands a very much greater expenditure of human energy, it arouses stronger emotions.

The heroic hero, of course, arouses far greater admiration and enthusiasm than did the mrchen-hero.

A vivid experience is one that excites and arouses us, strongly stimulating our feelings.

Every wrongly used voice arouses in the listener sympathetic sensations of throat contraction.

Luther proposes remedies for all these evils, and energetically arouses the German nobility to put an end to Roman depredation.