Generates [verb]

Definition of Generates:

produce, create

Synonyms of Generates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Generates:

Sentence/Example of Generates:

This soon generates heat which rapidly increases until steam is formed.

Opposition generates dislike, and dislike, when associated with power, will produce oppression.

Because friction generates caloric, which volatises the oleaginous particles of the stearine matter.

In the telephone of Bell, the voice of the speaker is the motive power which generates the current in the line.

A gramme of pure carbon generates in its combustion 8,080 calories of heat.

And as the Siberian dogs are so very moderately fed, he infers that excess, not want, generates the morbid habit.

The most hazardous temptation of early eminence is the fondness which it generates for perpetual publicity.

The evolution of the essence of the elements generates sound, which by development produces a certain image.

That home alone is home where love generates generous impulses, noble purposes.

The work expended in friction generates heat, which for the most part must be developed in and given back to the air.