Absolved [verb]

Definition of Absolved:

free from responsibility, duty

Synonyms of Absolved:

Opposite/Antonyms of Absolved:

Sentence/Example of Absolved:

The first three condemned him, the last absolved him, were excommunicated by the Church and yet saved the Church.

Although the publisher had been absolved of all blame, police had not succeeded in tracing the hit-skip driver.

She knew nothing of the arts of sophisticated coquetry, so he absolved her from any intention to rouse his interest.

In his case gratitude believed itself absolved from its duties; his adherents shunned him; his friends were dumb in his behalf.

By the time he had succeeded in believing the fog was lifting he would be absolved from his promise not to go out in it.

She was, as it were, absolved from her passive obedience to Framley authorities by the diminution of the family misfortunes.

He had submitted himself to the bishop, and he would wait till the bishop absolved him from his submission.

Since it would redeem the accursed person from the fires of purgatory, she, too, was absolved from the vow which drew her thither.

He also made it a matter of confession for the faithful to have been absolved by Jesuits or to have listened to their sermons.

Louis Napoleon's usurpation is absolved, is made laudable to him, because it overthrew a representative government.