Disabling [verb]

Definition of Disabling:

render inoperative; cripple

Opposite/Antonyms of Disabling:

Sentence/Example of Disabling:

Davis's militia worked it and succeeded in disabling the most dangerous of the enemy's gunboats and silencing its cannon.

He does not succeed in disabling the British, the French fleet meets fearful disaster.

He inflicted death, or merely produced a disabling wound almost at will.

It was during that short halt that the disabling or killing shot would have to be delivered.

One ripped up a long furrow in the deck of the "Alabama," and knocked two men high in the air without disabling them.

How, thought I, could all these shells go through a vessel without disabling the machinery?

The shot tore through the rigging, plowing along the deck of the cruiser, and disabling or killing a dozen men.

The morbid repentance that sometimes ensues is very disabling.

For the same distressing, disabling disease, some people spread treacle on brown paper, and apply hot to the part affected.

Surely there is some way of disabling people with whom you have no serious quarrel without killing them outright?