Disdained [verb]

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I have even grown keen on making money—which I rather disdained at home; for the matter of that, thought little about it.

Mistral disdained to reply to the storm of accusations and incriminations raised by the publication of this poem.

Yet every moment his soul was crying out against this rival, who disdained and mocked him as a mere boy.

He always disdained circumlocution, prided himself upon the directness and simplicity of his address.

But the words were a mere dismissal of a subject she disdained to discuss with one who would not understand.

Cato was faithful to the sacred cause of liberty, and disdained to survive it; and now for the fiddle.

She had suitors from all sides, but none satisfied her; the more they tried to please her the more she disdained them.

How low he must have fallen, since the common informers disdained to associate with him!

But Stover, as though discouraged, disdained to reply, and sat in moody silence.

She had disdained to make terms for herself, so the legate cast Marzia and her children into prison.