Drawbacks [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Drawbacks:

The conclusion is reached that, despite these drawbacks, the Jesuit mission in Canada has made a hopeful beginning.

The advantages and the drawbacks, if any, of the system may here be seen and judged of by all who are interested in the matter.

“Abstinence has its drawbacks,” he said, shivering in the bitter wind which whirled the stinging smoke about them.

But positive excellence, with all its drawbacks, is far above negative merit.

The gasoline and alcohol flames have their drawbacks, one of which is the starting of the burner and the waiting for the heat.

Now this method, though introducing a certain improvement in the system of fire signalling,The drawbacks to this method.

There are drawbacks to having a character like mine; it's easier lived up to than got rid of.

On the other hand, this plan of building has grave drawbacks.

Experience had proved that divided authority and changes in policy through changes in management were serious drawbacks.

The arrangement had its drawbacks, inasmuch as no sugar was available for cooking unless a levy were made.