Enervating [verb]

Definition of Enervating:

tire, wear out

Synonyms of Enervating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enervating:

Sentence/Example of Enervating:

The regular tolling of the gong, calling to toil or meals, accentuates the enervating routine.

“A useful phrase at times, of the nature of a tonic, amidst our enervating civilisation,” she reflected.

They were not then living in the enervating air of London, and they looked extremely robust.

Drive, drive, drive,—in a fading community dozing in the enervating aroma of decaying days: no wonder he succeeded so well!

From the first, it was a protest against materialism, luxury, and enervating pleasures.

She adorned his mind without enervating it, and modified what seemed extraordinary and singular in the turn of his ideas.

Or, in an enervating day of July, one may have longed to dine upon humming-bird, with rose-leaves for dessert.

But the northerner was not suited by nature for the hot and enervating climate of the south.

The climate, especially from November to April, is somewhat enervating to the Englishman, but not unhealthy.

There were a few thousand inhabitants of mixed race, and the tropical climate, though moist and enervating, is fairly salubrious.