Solidifying [verb]

Definition of Solidifying:


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Sentence/Example of Solidifying:

And now these top layers were solidifying, clinging to the glass.

I did not succeed in solidifying it, but only in causing some deposit.

The Reformed Church was a means of solidifying these conquests.

The heat that disappears on melting and reappears on solidifying is called the heat of fusion.

Hard like a numbness, a grip that was solidifying and turning to stone.

If the molten metal be poured into a bullet-mould it will expand on solidifying.

To studies of a solidifying sort the last years should be devoted.

Middle-age had passed over him like some fattening and solidifying process.

By what means can blood be prevented from clotting or solidifying?

One fruit that will prevent gelatine from solidifying, however, is raw pineapple.