Corroborated [verb]

Definition of Corroborated:

back up information, story

Synonyms of Corroborated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Corroborated:

Sentence/Example of Corroborated:

Your product detail pages can also help corroborate and expand upon the information in your Manufacturer Center feeds through structured data markup.

Developing after the training, the increased connectivity between those neurons seemed to corroborate the theory that memories are stored in synaptic connections.

She also says it’s worth surveying dental team members, such as hygienists, “to corroborate the information” gathered in the survey of dentists.

Some of the allegations sent to the foundation were anonymous, making corroborating them time consuming and potentially impossible.

That’s where the corroborating reporting from other trustworthy outlets comes into play.

These evidences of an impulse to look on correction as a quite proper thing are corroborated by stories of self-punishment.

I made the experiment two years ago, and all my experience since has corroborated the conclusion then arrived at.

By my own idea, strongly corroborated by Sir George, I am writing no more letters.

Others of the conspirators, however, took Fislar's bold cue and stoutly corroborated him.

The assertion of the captain was immediately corroborated, and the colonel was quite aghast.