Dunned [verb]

Definition of Dunned:

be or make anxious, troubled

Synonyms of Dunned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dunned:

Sentence/Example of Dunned:

I got no answer to that request either, but was immediately dunned for the compass, which had been promised on Grant's arrival.

By reminding me that I owed her money, she has practically dunned me for it, and forced me to pay her at a most inconvenient time.

There are some small bills in the village, too, with which your happy husband must not be dunned, sweet love.

I don't believe my Mongol can pass a single man he knows without being in danger of being dunned for some hopeless debt or other.

I'll teach you not to be such a little dun: nobody, that has any spirit, can bear to be dunned, particularly for such small sums.

It seems also to be the rule, that no Chinese will pay his debts till he has been dunned a great number of times.

A recent philosopher discovered a method to avoid being dunned!

The Ashe Clothespin Company had to be dunned as if it were a dubious individual with an overlarge bill at the corner grocery.

We remained at that hotel but one day, not being able to make satisfactory rates, besides being dunned for our board in advance.

A tradesman who had long dunned him for a note of three hundred guineas, found him one day counting gold, and demanded payment.