Invigorates [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Invigorates:

Put together, Walmart’s status as an essential retailer has invigorated its relationship with DTC brands.

I felt invigorated by how far we had come and was eager to continue conquering challenges.

Scarane’s campaign did not attract the national attention or investments of some other primaries this year, but it invigorated Delaware’s left, which saw some success in other races.

You can use this 250-milliliter scrub once or twice a week to invigorate your hair follicles and add a new level of hydration to your thirsty strands.

I ordered myself to be carried to Mrs. Baynton's, in hope that an interval of repose would invigorate and refresh me.

The change of scene and air will be very beneficial to your health, and tend to invigorate both your mind and body.

But several collateral circumstances served to invigorate its spirit.

I see nothing that will invigorate the public councils, and resuscitate the dormant spirit and resources of the nation.

This would invigorate the annimal as he used the pole with great energy, and with my help they would get up.

This should be used every night and morning to cleanse and invigorate the throat.