Promotes [verb]

Definition of Promotes:

help, advance

Synonyms of Promotes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Promotes:

Sentence/Example of Promotes:

Then vanity, the vice which promotes so many virtues, asserts itself.

But they promotes him to the sales department and adds ten to his pay envelope.

In doing this, it is plain, it promotes all or most of the functions of the individual.

It is this trying to be useful and helpful that promotes us in life.

A sojourn at the sea-side often promotes an abundant secretion of milk.

He loves the people, discerns its true interests and promotes them.

It is this principle of our nature which promotes the formation of what are called habits.

The State appoints, promotes or refuses to promote and pays them.

The very conditions it produces fosters and promotes its growth.

It encourages industry and thrift and promotes division of labor.