Distinctions [noun]

Definition of Distinctions:

differentiation; feature

Opposite/Antonyms of Distinctions:

Sentence/Example of Distinctions:

Decide about it, ye that are learned in the ethnographic distinctions of our race—but heaven defend us from the Bourbonnaises!

But the new Marshal cared little for the life of a courtier, much as he prized his military distinctions.

It may, therefore, be as well to point out the principal distinctions between this bird and the Common Bittern last mentioned.

Probably the difference between the two is not sufficiently known; it may, therefore, be as well to point out the distinctions.

Distinctions were drawn; precedents were cited; and at length the question was put, that Mr. Montague do withdraw.

For that evening, at least, class distinctions were for once forgotten in King's Warren.

It was the old earth music, and it drowned the recollection of social conventions and caste distinctions.

Nowadays a high-school would ignore such distinctions and absorb them all—whether for better or worse is a matter of opinion.

Within the craft, too, the distinctions were only caused by differences in the degrees of wealth.

On the contrary, the course of the discussion has led us to recognise distinctions of this kind in more than one instance.